Dave Scott – Stratford Internet  Marketing Expert

If you are looking for someone to help you market your business online, your on the right page.

At WSI Digital Marketing in Stratford,  we specialize in Marketing Strategy Development including: Online Reputation Management, Digital Marketing, Responsive Website & Mobile development, Search Engine Marketing, as well as the very latest Social Media & Social Technologies training and mentoring.
We work together with business owners, professionals, CEOs, GMs and marketing directors increase revenues, no matter what industry they’re in. WSI is the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants operating in over 80 countries. Although we are worldwide our focus is to help local businesses with all their digital marketing needs.



WSI Digital Marketing Expert - Dave Scott



Connect with me at 519-508-2002 whether you are looking for online brand credibility, lead generation or prospect & customer communication so we can provide a solution for you. Specifically, Business Owners, Professionals, General Managers or Marketing Directors who are looking to increase sales, reduce the cost per acquisition or increase the size of their market.


• Online Reputation Management
• Social Media Strategy Development
• Social Media Training
• LinkedIn Training
• Responsive Website Development
• Digital Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Paid Search Marketing
• Mobile Marketing
• Email Marketing

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