Automated Loyalty Solution for Local Businesses



WSI has teamed up with Movylo to bring an Automated Loyalty Solution for Local Businesses.

It costs 5-10 times more to GET a new customer, than it does to KEEP one.
So be sure to start making more sales with your EXISTING customers first!

Loyalty Program

Ideal for Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Spas, Local Shops and more……..

WSI/Movylo is a one stop, automated loyalty & marketing solution for local businesses that drives trackable EXTRA sales with a very limited effort and includes:

  • Multiple tools to manage and grow the customer list of your business
  • A loyalty engine, that assigns points and rewards to your customers – and keeps them coming back
  • A promotional engine to help you send offers, coupons, newsletters and flyers to customers via multiple channels
  • A payment system, to help you get paid by your customers both in store, via mobile and online

Start making EXTRA sales WITHOUT extra effort!

Call Dave at (519) 508-2002 or fill out form below for more details.


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