In ‘N Out Centres – A WSI Case Study

A WSI Case Study

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When the client first approached us the immediate challenge was to review their digital marketing strategy, reconfigure their websites to allow for online booking of car services and MOT and integrate the future use of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The first engagement was for Consultancy and Coaching support to help their marketing manager complete a competitor, market and bench marking analysis of their digital marketing strategy. As well as produce a 12 months fully costed implementation plan. The business goals were to increase customer retention, cross sales and new customer growth in parallel with their aggressive expansion plan for new centers across the UK over the next 2 years

Site : Advice around landing page design and the use of 99 Designs for the development of an updated design for their ‘soon to be’ redeveloped site through their existing developers along with advice with regard to landing page design and Calls To Action (CTAs). Search: Initial review and advice on how to improve the measurement and tracking of ROI relating to their existing paid search and organic campaigns. This led to us to taking over the management of their paid search campaigns, including display re-marketing. Previously, campaigns had only been measured and optimized around Click Through Rates (CTR). So, we immediately implemented conversion tracking via online inquiries, and sales tracking via Response Tap for telephone inquiries. This not only helped us to better optimize the campaigns, but also identified a number of operational improvements which also had a positive impact on sales results over time. In addition, we recommended their Google Composite listings (across their 15 centers) be enhanced with professionally shot photography and virtual tours (Google approved). Social: We provided advice and guidance around content marketing to build a following and nurture prospects. During H2 2016 we provided Hootsuite Enterprise licenses so that they could better manage their social marketing. We will also be delivering social selling support to their affiliate sales staff in September this year. 2017 is likely to build on this with a concerted content marketing campaign, including customer case study and testimonials. Mobile: Their online presences are already mobile friendly, but their current text marketing provider did not allow the insertion of clickable links into service/MOT reminders. So we also introduced them to Text Local who could both do this and provide a smoother and easier to manage interface. Full Digital marketing Solution: The starting point was the full Digital Marketing Strategy (based on coaching the Digital Manager through the process of completing competitor and market analysis, with a 12 month marketing implementation plan, broken down into 90 day deliverable. These included all of the above (site | search |social | mobile), in addition to which their on-line reputation was an immediate priority. Their own internal customer questionnaires showed very good results, but unfortunately none of this was visible publicly, and those Google, Facebook and other reviews that were, did not show them in as good light as they could. So we helped them quickly implement a detailed programmer using across all their centers, with immediate results, which resulted in having a big impact over time on inquiry rates and conversion rates across all the above digital marketing strategies. IN’n’OUT Centres are hopeful that when the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation is live they will have a usable CRM system (which they are lacking at present) and the ability to send reminders more reliably then they have in the past (e.g. Service & MOT which had been a highly manual intensive process in the past). However, through the review and analysis we completed together in Q1 2016, it was apparent that benefits could be derived in the meantime by a swift implementation of Marketing Automation using SharpSpring. Not only would this provide an immediate CRM (for all those contacts for whom we had an email) but also allow us to automate the reminder processes for those, building in an easier to use interface for text marketing reminders as well. Also during Q4 2016, we plan to conduct an exercise to try and collect from the 10’s of thousands of customers whom right now IN’n’OUT Centres have physical addresses for. This will reduce the cost of the reminder process whilst allowing more timely reminders which will hopefully also have a positive impact on conversion rates and have a significant impact on ROI by simultaneously increasing income whilst reducing costs.

Paid Search: We’re only 6 weeks in but already the campaign has generated 326 online inquiries and 634 phone inquires – It’s not possible to tell what % increase it might have been previously as it was not possible to track sales from PPC vs other sources. However, anecdotally the call center is reporting increased volumes and we are now instituting a post call IV R ‘Whisper’ to be able to track both PPC and other sources to provide the client with 100% transparency. (July = CTR 2.45%, with a conversion rate to form inquiry/call of 15%) Online Reputation: In only 2 months IN’n’OUT Centers has already improved its visible On-Line Reputation to above that of ‘Industry Standard’, and we are confident that, as we are able to build representatively high scores across all their Facebook and Google properties, then we should be able to achieve ‘Best in Class’ across a number of locations in the UK during the remainder of the first year.

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